Spine carries the whole body weight and is the only bone system that can affect your whole body in a few seconds. It’s extensive neural networks and ability to pass every signal from brain to lower torso and vice versa makes it the most crucial bone and neural system of the human body. Even a single fluctuation from the normal spinal behaviour may lead to grave consequences such as spinal stenosis, degenerative back or neck conditions, sciatica etc. Owing to the changes in the daily lifestyle and habits of sitting in a wrong manner has led to increase in diseases and spinal problems. The always bent neck in front of screens or smartphones leads to abnormal curvature of the spine which in turn can have very serious impacts in the long run.

Though the general medicine for the spinal problems include pain killer tablets, capsules, massage oils and gels, Ayurveda has a totally different perspective to this which is a long lasting and better method of treatment. The Anantya Healthcare brings this age old medicine system for all the ailing persons with spinal problems with a promise of long-lasting or eternal relief.

Anantya Healthcare – Types of Problems Addressed:

The most prevalent spinal problems are:

  • Sciatica
  • Spondylosis
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Cervical Spinal Stenosis
  • Degenerative back / neck conditions

Though one cannot limit the number of problems that are associated with the spine as countless number of cases have been administered and will appear in the future, but the above spectrum covers a lot of them.

Anantya Treatment Process:

Being an Ayurvedic Medical Service Provider, our experts have laid down a proper plan which covers each and every aspect of the spinal problems and only after the origin of the problem is found, we start the treatment. The complete process of treatment comprises of the following steps:

Step 1 – Pulse and Body Diagnosis:

As every single body has a different nature or Prakriti and has a completely different Dosha and Sub Dosha balance; it is important to identify the complete body constitution of every patient. The very first step is to conduct a whole Pulse Diagnosis and Body Diagnosis with the ultra-modern technology based on Ayurveda such as Veda Pulse. Pulse Diagnosis includes the examination of the Body Pulse which is also called as Nadi, which helps the experts to prepare various charts regarding the bio-energy levels, body energy type, types of Doshas and Sub Doshas in the body, organ pulse, the production and consumption levels of body juices and a lot more things. This step is the most crucial one as the treatment and individual prescription will be done based on the results of this step itself.

Step 2 – Genetic Diet:

Ayurveda addresses the root cause of the problem and believes that most of the diseases have their root in the stomach and can be cured from there only. The stomach is also called as Jathar and the energy inherent to stomach is referred to as Jatharagni which leads to the production of various body juices, nutrients and simply each and every important body constituent; depending on the food ingested by any person. Once, the complete body constitution has been derived in step 1 the experts will then recommend a completely individualized and unique Genetic Diet for the subject. The patient will be given a diet which will address to the bodily requirements and start crucial changes inside the body in a gradual manner.

Step 3 – Topical Magnesium Therapy:

Magnesium is one of the most crucial body nutrient which is required in small amounts but is a must have. Its deficiency can lead to serious complications in the human body as spinal problems, low activity of neurons, faulty production of juices etc. Hence, the next step is to administer an expert supervised Topical Magnesium Therapy which will boost the inner body functions.

Step 4 – Natural Ayurvedic Herbs:

The herbal treatment as per the particular nature or Prakriti of the patients’ bodies is what comes next. There are marvellous herbs and other natural substances such as Shataavar, Guggal and Shilajeet that play a significant role in treatment of spinal problems and are administered as per the body type of the patient. The combinations and concoctions of the medicines will be done differently for every patient that means that one prescription cannot be applied to any other patient with same problem.

Step 5 – Lifestyle Changes:

We at Anantya believe in achieving of complete and accurate results which not only includes medication, but also in complete lifestyle makeover. Hence, this step will include the various routine changes, exercises, thought process, and other changes.

The complete treatment plan spans over a period of 12 weeks after which the patient is cured. No other treatment will ensure such a relief in such a small time period which makes Anantya Healthcare the best solution for the Spinal Problems.