In the third step we deeply analyse the breathing pattern of patient and correct it by practical demonstration

Importance of correct breathing :

Based on the analysis of thousands patients we found that 90 % breathes more than 25 breaths per minute (Normal should be 12-15 breaths per minute)

As our breath count increases per minute , Door to diseases opens up as body is not able to get proper time to exchange oxygen in lungs ….. and various sections of body starts starving and hence inflammation arises in the body , which result in the generation of free radicals and hence can leads to any chronic disease including heart , autoimmune , cancer , arthritis etc …….

Turtle lives for 300 years as he breaths 1 breath per minute on an average …..

Number of breaths per minute is inversely proportional to long and disease free life ….

That’s why pranayamas are very important …. practice count breathing morning and evening (5 seconds inhalation and expand stomach – 2 seconds pause and then 5 seconds exhalation and contract stomach … you can increase it gradually)

We see lots of positive changes in our patients just by introducing this breathing technique ……

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