Acne, skin irritation, eczema, allergy, dermatitis and cysts are some of the very common and prevalent skin diseases. Allopathy or general medicine offers antibiotics, histamines and other immune-depressants to cure them or treat them for a temporary period of time. But the root cause of the disease, the substances that cause the allergy to happen, a detailed examination of the allergens and an individualized report of the skin problems in a single person is not at all addressed to. The fact that the dermatitis in one person can be owing to some particular ingredient in the food or some product the person is using in daily life, or is a result of accumulated effect of some habit of a few years.

Hence, at Anantya Healthcare we ensure that every single case of skin problem is treated only after the complete examination and understanding of the origin of the disease, its extent in the body, dormant features that are yet to be exhibited, symptoms and their mapping to the causes and finally, the prescriptions are prepared only after checking the body nature, composition and constitution of various body juices.

Let us explore how the skin problems treatment plan at Anantya is better and smarter as compared to the general medicine.

Skin Problems – General Types:

Generally, the following types of skin problems are encountered (though we are not at all limited to only them):

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Leucoderma
  • Acne
  • Dermatitis

Anantya Treatment Plan for Skin Problems:

We have a completely different and completely scientific treatment plan which involves various steps. The first one includes the complete analysis of patient body, its constitution, nature or Prakriti of the body, Doshas and Sub Doshas, Naadi or Pulse Diagnosis etc. The next steps include administration of herbs and other minerals as per the nature of the body and the root cause of the problem and not just the visible symptom of the disease.

Let us have a look at the various steps of treatment plan.

Step 1 – Pulse Diagnosis and Body Analysis:

The patient body is completely analysed by performing some express tests of functional state of human body. The stress level evaluation is done with the help of tools such as Veda Pulse that help in providing individual recommendation for treatment such as diet and food supplements, aromatherapy, herbs and lifestyle changes. The experts will perform analysis of “organ pulse” and evaluate bioenergy so as to understand the body state and make various charts and pictorial representations for further understanding of the disease.

After having analysed the body and understanding the nature of the patient body, the experts will proceed to the next step of generating recommendations accordingly.

Step 2 –Genetic Diet:

Now, based on the results of Step 1, proper prescriptions of Genetic Diets are prepared which include the foods that can be and that should be consumed in the duration of treatment so as to prepare body for treatment. Ayurvedic medicines require proper diets and substances such as curd, buttermilk, rice, fried foods and pickle etc should be avoided while you are taking medicine. Hence, the prescription of genetic diet and following the same is highly important.

Step 3 – Detoxification:

After preparing the body for treatment, the Anantya experts will go for detoxification in which the patient’s body and digestive system is rinsed so as to remove the toxins such as amla, kshar etc that cause skin problems. This step is highly crucial and makes the body return to the healthy state in which the allergy causing substances are reduced and removed.

Step 4 – Herbal Formulation:

Once the body has been cleansed and the system is ready to digest and process the medication, the experts will prepare a completely unique and personalized herbal formulation. This will comprise of substances such as Guggul, Gandhak, Gandhak Rasayan etc. Sulphur Salts are particularly significant in the allergies.

Step 5 – Lifestyle Changes:

Now, the patient is introduced to a new lifestyle routine which is sans all the substances that can cause allergy in the healed body. These changes may include food combos such as milk and acidic or sour things as pickle, sweet and sour combos, exposure to a particular substance etc; meditation; yoga and pranayam routines etc.

Step 6 – Topical Magnesium Cleansing:

Finally, the visible damages caused by the skin problems are tended to via the topical Magnesium Cleansing which will address to any other remnant of the toxins or deficiencies etc.

The complete treatment plan for skin problems at Anantya spans over 12 weeks. Just 12 weeks for a visually as well as internally renewed and rejuvenated you..!!