[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]EWOT stands for Exercise With Oxygen Therapy which is a novel therapy for the cell rejuvenation and youth restoration. The EWOT can bring a new life and longevity to the body cells, make them strong enough to fight various lethal diseases such as cancer and ensure and can blow life again in them. Also known as Oxygen Multi Step Therapy, the EWOT is being used in generic, Allopathic, Natural Allopathic and Ayurvedic System as well. The therapy is so effective that in just 15 minutes, the cells will get rejuvenated and cleansed and the whole body will be detoxified in the best possible manner.

Anantya Healthcare EWOT – What makes it Unique:

The EWOT or Exercise With Oxygen Therapy at Anantya Healthcare is not done as is. It means that every patient will not have similar dosage or similar prescription. The very first step will be to identify the problem areas in the patient’s body. Owing to the anti-ageing effect of EWOT, the people in good health also sometimes go for it. This is why the therapy cannot be same for the healthy as well as ailing people. Further, as per Ayurveda, every person has a different body type or Prakriti and different Vikrutis. Deviation from the normal balance of the bodily fluids or bio-energy leads to disorders or diseases in the human body.

Therefore, we at Anantya prescribe not only the Exercise With Oxygen Therapy but other medication and treatment only after a detailed examination of the patients’ bodies. The very first step is to perform a detailed analysis of body and Pulse Diagnosis or Naadi Parikshan. After that, a lot of cahrts are prepared with complete details regarding the organ pulse, its functional behaviour etc.

After that, the patients’ bodies are prepared for the further therapies by prescribing special genetic diets which are individualized.

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy – Details:

  • The therapy is administered in the form of chambers or inhalers or breathing flasks. The person has to breathe purified oxygen at a high rate which avalanches the same down to the cellular level and the cells will experience a blast of freshness.
  • The therapy has been proved highly effective in reversing the ageing process, anti-inflammation, fighting infections and even cancers.
  • EWOT is administered only after confirming the body type and the pulse situation of the patient so as to ensure that the problem areas or the potential problem areas are well targeted.