[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Before the readers form any opinion regarding the therapy with just its name, it is important to clear that enzymes are different than the bio capsules of Spirulina and other dietary supplements. The enzymes are special types of proteins that are responsible for acceleration and stimulation of various reactions in the human body. The enzymes can be manufactured as well. Enzymes have this unique property of attaching to one type of substance and transform it into some other type. There are various theories regarding the enzymes of which the Lock and Key hypothesis is the best known. As per the hypothesis, the Enzyme attaches itself to the substances in the same manner as the key fits inside a lock and opens it.

Well, after having some information about the enzymes, the next step is to understand how the therapy is administered and its basics.

Enzyme Therapy – Uses and Basics:

Enzymes can transform one substance into another. This unique property of the enzymes makes them highly effective in curing the diseases such as cancer. Cancer cells have a protein cover around them which makes them immune to the White Blood Cells. The enzymes, especially the Pancreatic Enzymes can react with that protein coat and dissolve the same which leaves the cancer cells defence less. This is why the pancreatic cells have been found highly effective 97% in cancer treatment (other regions) and 100% for the pancreatic cancer treatment.

Apart from that, the enzymes are used to cure a number of digestive problems such as acidity, digestive disorders, diary intolerance, hernias and ulcers etc.

The enzyme administration and recommendation is a highly sensitive and research based treatment which should be done only under expert supervision. That is what Anantya is capable of.

Anantya Healthcare – Enzyme Therapy:

The experts at Anantya have inculcated a high level expertise in the enzyme therapy administration and have combined the essence of Ayurveda with the same. The very first step of enzyme therapy is the complete body analysis and the pulse diagnosis. The Pulse is also known as Nadi and there it is used to understand the functional state of the human body. Apart from the body pulse, there is organ pulse which is yet another parameter for estimation of various body functions. The Vikrutis i.e. Doshas and Sub Doshas in the human body are estimated with the help of pulse diagnosis.

After identifying the body type, and the doshas inside the body, the experts will design a unique Genetic Diet for the patient and prepare the body for the further treatment. Food and genomics are deeply related and basically what we eat has a big impact on our genetic make-up.

Finally, the experts will administer the Enzyme Therapy as per the body requirement and type to treat the disorder or malfunction in the body.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]