Drawing its essence from the age old world recognized medicine system of Ayurveda, Anantya Healthcare is a unique and prolific combination of medical solutions imbibing the essentials of Modern Sciences as well. Anantya Healthcare is a Diet, Lifestyle and Nutrition Clinic that offers medical solutions which are much different and better than the generic medicine available round the corner. The fact that every disease in every subject has a different cause and a different treatment and that it should be treated differently makes Anantya a totally unique medical solution sans all the redundancy found in the generic medical system.

What and How

Ayurveda is the oldest and the most recognized medical system that has earned a global reputation owing to its efficacy to cure even those diseases that are passed as incurable by the allopathic practitioners. Ayurveda works on the root cause of the problem which is why even two patients might have fever, but the Ayurvedic diagnose and treatment is different for both of them. Anantya Healthcare has thus brought the age old system of Ayurveda online so as to provide a breakthrough in treatment and medicine.

Working Ideology

Ayurveda states that every person has a different body orientation or nature which is termed as his or her ‘prakriti’ and it is of three types, namely – ‘Vata, Pitta, and KaphA’. They remain in a balance in a healthy body and any imbalance will cause disease. Further, every disease has its root in the stomach or ‘jathar’. This means that any consumption of specious food will lead to generation of specious body fluids inside the body. This in turn is passed onto blood which will carry forward the disease to the whole body. The organ that is sensitive or affected by that specious fluid will express the symptoms of the disease and that is how a person falls ill.

Much different from the Allopathic Practices of treatment, Anantya Healthcare first performs various body analysis charts and maps which help the physician to understand the body prakriti of the patient and the subsequent treatment. Allopathy treats all the patients with headache using a pain-killer, but we, at Anantya focus on first finding out the root cause of the disease and then a specialized and individually designed course of medicines for every single patient.

Anantya Healthcare – What makes us Unique

From among the millions of other Ayurvedic Treatment facilities available online as well as in the market places, what makes Anantya a unique one is the fact that we not only focus on disease. Actually, we aim for three categories – Healthy Diet, Disease Treatment, and Healthy Living.

Anantya offers well – defined and properly designed diet charts that are arrived at after deep study of every person, eating habits, daily routines and various other parameters. The other category i.e. Disease Treatment comprises of generation of various charts, maps, minerals and salts analysis of the body, diagnosis of the problem, genetic mapping and lots of other activities to find out the root cause of any disease and then offer a complete and holistic solution for it. The third category is to inspire people for healthy living and help them to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Anantya has a much wider and much scalable horizon and strives to work for the improvement of humanity in every possible sector. Hence, Anantya is unique and better than the other Ayurvedic Facilities.

Rest, explore yourself and find what Anantya is for YOU..!!

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