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Arthritis is a highly prevalent disease across the whole globe which limits the lifestyle of the patients to their homes and most of the times to their beds only. The painful joints, extreme unrest in the various body parts, low bone density, and the inability to even move renders the patients immobile and sedentary which in turn leads to other bodily problems. Though a number of prescriptions and diagnosis are available in the Allopathic and other Generic systems of medication, the disease has been totally misunderstood except in Ayurveda. The inability of the digestive tract to manufacture proteins leads to Arthritis. Hence, at Anantya, we first identify the roots of the disease, the major problem areas, the potential areas or joints at risk and the full-fledged body chart which helps us to generate an individual recommendation for every patient. The immaculate treatment and diagnosis at Anantya help us in curing the disease completely in 6 to 12 weeks.

Types of Arthritis:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatic Fever
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Spondyloarthritis (Spinal)

Arthritis – Treatment Plan at Anantya Healthcare:

The Arthritis treatment at Anantya is completely different from the general prescription of tablets, capsules, massage oils and pain relieving gels. We follow a completely different step-by-step procedure in which the very first step is the complete analysis of body and its functions for every single patient. This means that every patient will have a personalized diagnosis and treatment.

Step 1 – Pulse Diagnosis and Body Analysis:

The very first step of Arthritis Treatment is to perform a complete Pulse Diagnosis and Body Analysis of the patient using various techniques and modern systems such as VedaPulse etc. It is a very crucial step as the treatment will be done as per the results of this phase. Further, as every person has a different Prakriti and the balance of doshas etc is also different in different bodies the treatment will also differ from person to person as per the Pulse Diagnosis and Body Analysis.

Step 2 – Genetic Diet:

The patient is put on an individually prescribed genetic diet in this step. This diet is prescribed as per the results of the previous step.

Step 3 – Topical Magnesium Therapy:

It is a healing therapy in which Magnesium is applied and absorbed via the skin of the patient. It is highly effective and affordable. It is one of the critical minerals and is required in the manufacturing of energy, cardiovascular health maintenance, calcium balance and pain relief etc. More than 300 types of enzyme reactions are affected by Magnesium.

Step 4 – Life Style Changes:

Following the third step, the patient is advised to introduce some changes in the life style as per the results of all the above steps. These changes will be basically dietary and the patient will not feel as if he or she is on a strict diet or on medication.

Step 5 – Ayurvedic/Herbal Medicine Prescription 

Anantya Healthcare offers Arthritis Treatment which ensures that the patient recovers in 6 to 12 weeks which an amazingly small time interval, considering the disease and the prevalent treatment procedures.