In this step we check the pulse Manually and digitally . For Digital pulse we use HRV

HRV is a globally recognized and one of the most trusted systems for the pulse diagnosis. The system is available as a hardware and software kit for the analysis of the whole body which is termed as Nadi Parisksha or the analysis of the whole body pulse. Based on naturopathy, HRV is used in performing stress level tests, express level tests of body functions, providing individual recommendations for the body rehabilitation, organ pulse and bio-energy evaluation, analysis of Doshas in the body and a lot more. Though the system is available universally, it requires an expert to understand and use the actual system for a particular person. Anantya Healthcare is that catalyst.

Anantya and HRV:
Aiming towards a better and healthy lifestyle which employs the principles of the ancient system of Ayurveda, Anantya employs the most modern and exact approach i.e. HRV for the analysis of various body functions and Doshas. With the help of this ultra-modern system, the experts at Anantya perform various stress tests on the body functions, express tests, organ-pulse measurement, bio-energy evaluation, create prescriptions for the acupunctures, reflexology zones, and individual rehabilitation. The Anantya Healthcare works with the best of the systems to provide the best of the diagnosis and treatments.

HRV Applications:
Naturopathy: The system allows the expert to perform some express level tests on various body functions and evaluate the body stress level in the functional or active state. Individual recommendations for the diet, food supplements, herbs, aromatherapy and lifestyle correction can be generated with its help.

Ayurveda Specialists: HRV will perform an intense analysis of the Doshas or the Vikruti in the human body, balance of the Doshas or Sub Doshas, Panch Bhuta or Agni Dhatu balance and organ pulse in the human body. Then the specialists can generate an individual recommendation for the aroma therapy, herbal therapy, lifestyle changes and diet changes etc.

Massage and Bio-Energy Specialists: The system identifies the organ-pulse and bio-energy which help in creating the reflexology zones in the foot with visual pictures.

Thus, armed with the latest technology for the body and pulse or Nadi analysis, we at Anantya Healthcare tend to provide the best of the Ayurvedic Diagnosis and the Treatment.

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