Nutrition has a highly detrimental effect on a person with is evident in his or her habits, health, appearance, thoughts, and even genome. The long term and gradual impacts of drug abuse make people look haggard, pop the eyes out, make nerves stand out, thin, pale, hairless and unable to do any work or thinking. On the similar lines, the good food habits such as juices, fruits, whole cereals, nuts and milk etc make a person look more radiant, youthful, vibrant and energetic. That is why nutrition is highly important for everyone’s well being. In fact, studies have shown that a lot of diseases have their roots in wrong food intake or wrong absorption of the same. This in turn indicates that the Ayurvedic thought that all diseases originate in the stomach, is true.

Nutrition and Its impact on the body:

  • The food we consume goes into the stomach and is digested with the help of digestive juices and enzymes.
  • Now, the food is passed onto the next organ i.e. small intestine which breaks down it into further smaller particles and the body fluids are released into blood at every step of digestion.
  • Once the food is digested, the waste is passed out of the body. Now, if all the body organs are working properly, the body juices are manufactured properly and will carry the nutrients and minerals from the food to every single part of the body via blood.
  • If, however, there is any fault in any organ, the food is not digested properly and the nutrients are passed out of the body in liquid or solid form.
  • If there is any mal-absorption of the nutrients, the body becomes deficient and starts showing signs of weakness or malnutrition. Or in some cases the diseases occur.
  • That is why the urine consistency, colour, and composition is different in people consuming different food items and in people with illness and healthy ones.
  • Further, you might have noticed that some people’s body odour and sweat smells so bad that one cannot stand it. It is because of the fact that something that should not be passed onto the sweat glands is being secreted and the condition results into offensive odour.

Now let us consider the Ayurvedic Principle of Body and its Nature:

  • Every person has a different body type depending on the Prakriti which can be any one of Vata, Pittaand Therefore, the body disposition of every single person is different from the other and should play a major role in deciding the type of food to be eaten.
  • For example, the person with Vata body type should not consume food items that produce gas in the body such as gram, peas, potatoes, gram flour etc. These food items will increase the gas in the digestive tract and can result in gastric pain, flatulence and acidity etc.
  • Similarly, the consumption of foods that are cold in nature or in other words have a cooling effect on the body should not be consumed by the people with Kapha prakriti. Such as taking milk at night, curd, buttermilk, soaked almonds, etc.
  • A consistent intake of these things will lead to disorders and diseases in the body which my in due course of time will require treatment.
  • We at Anantya Healthcare have an excellent team that analyses and performs full body analysis to find the body type, bio energy levels, doshas, sub doshas etc in the human body and prescribe a completely individualized Genetic Diet.

This is why Ayurveda understands Diet, Nutrition and Diseases in the best possible manner.

Now, let us focus on the Lifestyle Changes.

The habits of a person gradually turn into a routine which are termed as the Lifestyle of that person. For example, the people with a desk job tend to have a sedentary lifestyle as they don’t have much movement in their day time and nights are majorly spent in sleeping and relaxing. And the people with outgoing nature, and adventurous spirit tend to work out, have a mild form of exercise and don’t spend all the time in front of screens or on their couches. These people have an active lifestyle. But it is not at all implied that only active people are healthy or that active people will never be sick or unhealthy.

Therefore, it is highly important that every person has a healthy lifestyle which is prescribed as per their routines and body type and guarantees that the person stays fit.

Anantya Healthcare – Lifestyle Experts:

We have a super energetic and well qualified team of lifestyle experts that help people to evolve a healthy lifestyle and develop habits that are healthy. The experts first perform a complete assessment of the subject body and find out the problem areas or the potential problem areas. Then, they make various charts and lists to understand the behaviour, tendencies, nutrition requirement, activity requirement, calorie intake and other dietary supplements etc. The present medical condition and any hereditary disease or a recently recovered diseases etc are also taken into account and a complete lifestyle change is planned for every single subject.

Now, armed with the knowledge of their bodies and the foods they should eat, the exercises and activities they should perform to be healthy and stay fit, the people tend to choose a highly relevant and productive lifestyle.

This is what Anantya Healthcare aims for..!!