Sodium Bicarbonate is one of the most marvellous members of the pantry that is powerful as a cooking agent, cleaning agent, anti-bacterial agent and last but not in any sense the least – Medicinal agent. In fact, a lot of readers will find themselves amazed after reading that sodium bicarbonate is used to treat cancers, kidney and heart diseases. The fact that it is possible for the ion exchanges and increases the cell voltage, which in turn makes the body capable of fighting the infections; makes it an ultimate salt.

Anantya Sodium Bicarbonate Therapy –What is Unique:

Though the Baking Soda or Sodium Bicarbonate is used in Natural Allopathy and general medicine, its completely accurate and best administration is possible as per the Ayurvedic system. There is a very strong and scientific reason behind this. Ayurvedic administration of the salt is done after a complete analysis of the human body and a careful diagnosis of the body and organ pulse. Via these analysis and pulse diagnosis, the expert is able to understand the exact nature of human body, functional state of the body, bio-energy levels etc. This in turn helps in better administration of the dosages and a better dosage prescription for the patients.

This is why we at Anantya Healthcare boast of a better Sodium Bicarbonate therapy that is individualized for every patient in a better manner.

Sodium Bicarbonate Therapy – Uses and Modes of Application:

Sodium Bicarbonate is used to reduce the extreme acidity of the body as well as the bodily fluids. The salt is a rapid action agent and performs the task in a few seconds. It is so potent and effective as a drug that it is kept in the emergency rooms and ICUs for instantaneous usage at the moment of requirement. It is one of the most serious medicines and it means that it is used to deal with lethal situations.

Though some people will feel that they might not require the therapy as they are fine and their body seems ‘OK’.

But, it is just not the emergency situation saver; baking soda is used in a lot of other treatments.

It is used as a prime agent in chemotherapies.

It is used to reduce the acidity of the human body as well as the body fluids such as bloos etc and that too in a few seconds.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate is also used in the treatment of kidney and heart failures.
  • It is used to reduce the excess coughing.
  • It is a natural deodorizer and is also used to treat some dermatological conditions.
  • It also leads to enhanced athletic performance as it reduces the production of lactic acid and muscle fatigue.
  • Baking Soda baths are recommended to improve the skin problems and rashes.

Anantya Healthcare and Sodium Bicarbonate Therapy:

We, at Anantya Healthcare administer the Sodium Bicarbonate in the best possible manner. Here, the experts will first perform a detailed body analysis and pulse diagnosis using the ultra modern kits such as Veda Pulse etc. This analysis will help the experts to understand the functions of the body, production of the bodily fluids and bioenergy in a better manner. This helps in better administration of the sodium bicarbonate.