Natural Magnesium Oil 200ml

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NATURAL MAGNESIUM OIL (Bischofite) is sourced from Ancient Seabed, deepest (8000 ft.) and most ancient (300 million years old) Magnesium mine in the world. Superior Concentration : 1 ml NATURAL MAGNESIUM OIL provides 100 mg Elemental Magnesium. Highly water soluble, can be diluted if necessary. Massage of 25- 30 drops fulfills daily Magnesium requirement for more then 300 biochemical reactions that regulates our Health and Wellness. Regular use covers up lack of Magnesium that arises due to water filtering and decreased Mineral density in soil because of pesticide use and over farming.

How To Use It ?

Apply 30 drops on each part experiencing the pain twice a day . In case you feel itching please add some sesame oil to it .

For any queries you can contact 01244054594

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1 review for Natural Magnesium Oil 200ml

  1. Shantanu

    i have purchased this for my father . he had severe knee pains . with in 21 days he had good relief

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