How we controlled 4th stage bone marrow cancer of 17 years old boy ?

1) Our first task was to make his body alkaline because his saliva was of 4 ph and urine was of 3.5 ph . It was pretty much clear to us that without increasing PH we cannot halt the spread and reduce it . So we started with oral sodium bicarbonate dosages (1/4-1/2 teaspoon twice a day) and asked his father to daily check his urine PH and once it reaches 8 stop the oral dosage and start it when it again falls back to 7. By gods grace we achieved 8 ph in 5 days and condition started improving .

2) Now to reduce the inflammation and promote the growth of healthy cells and increase the absorption we had flushed the body with natural magnesium chloride mined from Ukraine sea bed . Magnesium is the regenerative mineral so it helped the body to regenerate new cells , tissues and remove inflammation . Chloride improved the body fluids for absorption . We had given 28 drops orally of natural magnesium chloride daily & also added 1 cup mgcl2 to his bathing water (it gets absorbed fast through skin )

3) Cancer cells are formed due to oxidative stress which is caused when body stops recycling glutathione antioxidant ( this maintains intra cellular health and maintains the ATP of the cell and thus prevents cellular damage ) . Glutathione is recycled with the help by this series Vitamin C – Vitamin E – Lipoic Acid & selenium . So we had designed the antioxidant rich diet by balancing Vitamin C , Vitamin E & Lipoic acid . Also we have given oral dosages of selenium 10 drops thrice a day

4) we also had added some anti cancer agents in the diet like apricot kernels (20 in a day) , Turmeric with cows ghee twice a day .Apricot kernels has Vitamin B17 and turmeric has curcumin

5) Last step was to flush body with pure oxygen so that all the tissues , cells can be oxidised . We used Exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) . We had given a oxygen concentrator to the patient and recommended of taking 500 litres of pure oxygen with some deep pranayamas …….

So this was the entire protocol we have followed . I am writing it because it can be of help to anybody.

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