Today water has most side effects in the body because we drink RO Water and RO Water contains close to ZERO Minerals …….especially RO water is deficient in Magnesium (Master Mineral of the body). Deficiency of Magnesium leads to malabsorption of other minerals & Oxygen and hence it becomes the cause of most dangerous diseases like diabetes , Arthiritis , Cancer and other chronic disorders …….

Today every house has Diabetic , Bone Disease & Allergic patient because We lack in magnesium (Earlier we used to get major part from underground water) ……….

On an average we should get 600 mg of magnesium daily . Food Can only give you about 150 mg

Solution : Use Natural Sea Magnesium(Make sure it should be natural and not chemically processed) Salt 1/2 teaspoon in 25 litres of RO Water ….

Remove RO , Install Normal Aquaguard and bring TDS down to 200 .

Magnesium Rich Water is a Healing Water in today’s India where people depends only on RO Water (Poison and threat to indians)

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