Let us start by understanding where it come from…

Maida bleached flour is finely refined wheat flour. The process does not end here. The original color of maida is yellowish but what we get in the market is white. This is because after refining it is bleached using some bleaching agents which make it white in color, also a byproduct that if formed on adding these agents gives it more elasticity and softness.
Wheat Flour is simply grinded wheat grains without any added substances.

Talking about its effects on the health due to its consumption:-

Since Maida is refined, thus during the process important nutrients are removed from it. Thus the foods made from maida when consumed, borrow nutrients from the body to enable their consumption which deplete the nutrient reserves in our body. Also it is known to cause blood sugar imbalances which over a period of time, with prolonged consumption, eventually lead to diabetes. And consuming it in fried form is even more harmful. The body gets an overdose of fats and refined carbohydrates which disrupts the metabolism rate of your body which leads to kidney stones, heart diseases, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and even cancer.

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