Joint Pain Issues has its roots to liver , improper recycling of vitamins which results in malabsorption of vital minerals required for the developement of Body Seven Elements ……

Please follow Below remedy for that :

1) Have Moringa Tea Two times a day (Moringa also known as Drumstick is rich in lots of vitamins and minerals)

2) Have 15 gram soaked sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds (Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins and pumpkin is richest source of magnesium which helps in absorption of entire nutrition chain)

3) Avoid All Sour Food items as sour items increases tissue swelling

4) To Rebulid Cartilages have 1 gram of following formulation (Salem Panja + Safed Musli + single clove Garlic) with 250 ml of milk twice a day after food (Milk is must as all three are of hot potency)

5) Do Magnesium Oil Massage on All the joints 30 Drops on each knee

6) Have half a avacado a day , Avacado has direct form of amino acids that helps in strengthening of muscles

7) Have three main meals and 2 short meals of fruits & nuts
You will be fine soon …….

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