Aluminum Toxicity Leads to bone diseases, autism, diabetes, neuropathy, and cancer, as well as Alzheimer’s

Aluminum is the most used metal on the planet and it is widely used for packaging material like foils,Cold Drink cans and found in kitchen utencils also. Our Human body does’nt need aluminum in any form and we are having its traces in our every food item either through packaging or via cooking utencils.

Aluminum is not an innocent metal it accumulates in kidneys, brain, liver and thyroid and competes with calcium and hence reduces the absorption of calcium which in turn effects entire skeletal system.It also attacks our central nervous system .

In short Aluminium (Like RO Water) is one of the root causes of many dangerous diseases .

To save yourself and your kids from the clutches of dangerous diseases please avoid below items:

1) Avoid Commercial Deodrants, Use Herbal ones
2) Commercial Baking Powder . Use Aluminium free Baking Soda . Almost all Baking powder has Aluminium Sulphate . Use Arms & Harbours Baking Soda
3) Strictly Avoid Aluminium Foils
4) AVoid Cooking in Aluminium Utensils . All Biryani Lovers please avoid it
5) Dont use commercial car perfumes, Aerosol instead use herbal ones

Please Have below items to detoxify your self from metal toxicity :

1) Consume Foods That Contain Silica . Silica is needed for many fucntions in the body . Its is important component for building bones and helps in the processing of vital nutrients like magnesium and Vitamin k2 , It is Blood detoxifier . Silica Reduces Aluminium levels drastically . Silica rich foods are cucumbers, Banana, Horsetail Herb, Raisin, Brown Rice, Corns

2) Consume Cold Pressed Unrefined organic Coconut oil

3) Chia and flaxseed

4) Milk Thistle

5) Vitamin C Rich Foods

6) Spirulina and chlorella

7) foods such as garlic, parsley and cilantro that can help eliminate heavy metals such as aluminium and mercury

Note : every packing has aluminium including medicine blister packs ….. aluminium is deep rooted in our lifestyle

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